"ICB textbook brings doing science into the lecture classroom, in a big way."

Dr. Douglas Luckie, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of Biology, Michigan State University


Integrating Concepts in Biology

 “Everyone who plans on taking the ACT should take [ICB Biology] since it gives them practice thinking analytically, which is… what the ACT is all about."

— from a student who earned a 5 on the 2016 AP Biology test 

 "My students are really enjoying the approach and I truly believe this is the way we should be teaching introductory biology."

— Elizabeth Forrester, Ph.D., AP Biology Teacher, Science Dept., Baylor School, TN  

 "Their new book represents a very ambitious attempt to rethink how biology is taught, and I commend the authors for their courage and originality."

— Dr. Bruce Alberts, Ph.D. Professor, University of California, San Francisco     Former President of the National Academy of Sciences & Editor-in-Chief of Science

 "ICB brings doing science into the lecture classroom, in a big way." 

— Doublas B. Luckie, Associate Professor, Michigan State University 

 "ICB represents the core of an approach that is likely to excite and engage students more than does a more traditional course."

— Drs. K. N. Prestwich, Ph.D. and A. M. Sheehy, Ph.D.,    Textbook Review by Biology faculty at the College of the Holy Cross

 "…innovative introductory biology sequence with integration of concepts in a new approach that may be just what [Vision & Change] authors had in mind."

— PULSE Fellow Pilot Vision and Change Certification Program site visit    (Partnership for Undergraduate Life Sciences Education)

 "[Students] are making great innovative connections between concepts and have begun to talk more like scientists..."

— Brian DeHaven, Assistant Professor of Biology, La Salle University  

 "...I love it because we spend class time going over data and working through problems together instead of just listening passively.”

— Drs. James Wagner, Ph.D. & Belinda Sly, Ph.D., Biology Dept., Transylvania Univ. 

  "I was able to take my learning into my own hands... I felt less reliant upon ‘being taught’ and more capable of teaching myself."

— Anonymous undergraduate course evaluation  


ICB students had significantly higher gains than matched peers

ICB student’s learning shows greater depth/expertise

Over 40 MCAT questions, ICB students scored a 62% vs. 54%-64% range

ICB students outperformed peers in upper-level STEM courses

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